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Vagabondo per il mondo

 / our plan our objectives

This is the Vagabondo’s esprit as the basis of his globe-trotting project: not just the realization of his lifetime dream which, however, would be enough to justify this effort, but also helping other people to achieve their dreams. With this aim the collaboration among Vagabondo, Lions and Albergo Etico was born. Through meetings at the several Lions clubs located along the 73 Nations to be crossed, Vagabondo will promote two projects for charity aims carried on by these important associations and he will collect money for them. A dream around the world on a bike, which gives hope to hundreds of people!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. Thoreau

Lions Club


 /against measles

One big goal:
to raise funds

1.35 million members involved in community projects in 208 countries and in all geographic areas. Different projects but a common and fundamental aim: build the community. The Lions, known above all to tackle the blindness, are busy in various volunteer projects, including environmental protection, the fight against hunger, care for elderly and disabled. The Lions Club Asti Alfieri is a young and lively club for its activities of culture, conviviality and events because the friendship is the engine of the big Service Activities. Born in 2005, it has realized important services within National and International environment.

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 /Hotel etico

A hotel, a school,
a house, The future

"Albergo Etico" project involves the construction of a hotel of medium/large size that gives a job to people affected by the Down syndrome, considering the disabled people who have a considerable potential for operational capabilities and relationships, which need, to be expressed, only a guide and a training more specific. A real hotel that is also a house where people with Down syndrome can live and achieve their own autonomy, aware of the differences, needs and potential of each person. A school where prepare the people with Down Syndrome to approach the work environment properly.

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Adopt Vagabondo financing his projet using the bank account IT02F0690610302000000000096

€ 960

Vagabondo per il mondo

 /needs you too!

Offering a symbolic value of 5 € for 12 months will help Vagabondo to achieve the dream of a lifetime! For some of you could seem too much, for others a few... for Vagabondo is Essential! This small but important sum of 60 € a year, will allow VAGABONDO to support his living expenses of his journey and to contribute the realization of the whole project.
To thank all his supporters Vagabondo will send them, a symbolic demonstration (tribute) in memory of his feat.
You can make a bank transfer using the IBAN n° IT02F0690610302000000000096 indicating as payment reason "a sandwich for Vagabondo". Remember to write your full name, home address and possibly an e-mail address in order to be able to THANK YOU properly!

Il Vagabondo who gives hope!

A journey of 120,000 around the world to meet the Lions Club members and raise money for vaccination against measles in 4 African Nations and the construction of the "Ethic Hotel" in Asti. A journey to meet, learn, move and get excited!

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