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Olga’s Italian Corner

I’ve been informed of this nice spot by a real good friend of mine in Italy. He came through this place during his journey in Africa from Cape Town to Gibuti, so I decided to follow his suggestion and coming to visit this piece of Italy.
Just a bit of History
Olga’s project started in 2003.
It was the idea of a private donor (the family of Olga Diappi in her memory), Giovanni, a volunteer of CeLIM (an Italian NGO which has been running development projects in Zambia since the ‘60s), and YCTC (a training centre for orphans and vulnerable youth based in Livingstone -Libuyu Compound- built up by Livingstone Diocese in partnership with CeLIM).
The Diappi Family wished for Olga's inheritance to be shared with the community and for the community by helping YCTC to become economically sustainable. Hence the idea of building a guest house and showroom to cover the costs of the school and anable a greater number of youth in need to have access to training.

When you enter the main door immediately you understand you are not in a common guest house. The energy you feel is different and the motto of the organization is well visible everywhere: DON’T GIVE THEM FISH, BUT TEACH THEM HOW TO FISH.
I thinks this is fantastic and very well explain the method of the organization.
By the way, as soon as you enter, one person of the team is coming to welcome you and proceed with the registration.

New, clean, spacious, with a very nice and clean bathroom. A big local painting dominate the wall in front of the king size bed, with the useful mosquito net. All the furniture including doors and windows have been made by the YCTC carpentry, so another way to feed the whole project.
Only 8 rooms, so really quite and intimate. A garden in front of the room divide the restaurant and the bar.

All made with wood and thatched roof, natural, simple but efficient. The waiters and the waitresses are welcoming you with a nice smile and gentle manners. The menu is a real Italian menu and, most important, cooked in the real Italian way! Tasty food and nice environment, what ask for more? And you MUST try the CROCODILLE PIZZA! Really delicious!

Simply because of the main project, the place would deserves already a visit. Then, if you add all the really positive points listed above, well….what are you waiting for? Go on internet on and reserve a room for your next vacation!

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Best photos

Il Vagabondo who gives hope!

A journey of 150,000 km around the world meeting associations, foundations, government agencies and parents of people with intellectual disabilities, to allow them all the know deeply the concept of Ethic Hotel-Down-Load Method and replicate it in their land. A journey to meet, learn, move and get excited!