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Wildlife Camp

South Luangwa National Park, 06-08-2014
I’ve been informed by several travelers in Malawi about this camp, so I came straight away to the location.
Arriving here is already a little adventure, especially the last few km. Since you leave the main road to the park main gate, the road becomes sandy and you are in the real bush.
9 km and you arrive at the camp. The structure is developed along the side of the river Luangwa and immediately you’re amazed by the beauty of this place. Quite, relaxing, peaceful and full of animal straight in front of you on the sandy beaches of the river.

Since you enter the reception, you clearly understand you have done the right choice! Retha, the receptionist, welcomes you with a big smile and she tells you all what you need to know about the camp, the rules, the activities.
Being South African, no problem at all for understanding her! The English is perfect!
A big notice board informs you about the activities and the costs. Very well organized.

I’ve chosen a En-Suite Tent as I was too tired (and lazy!) to put on my tent. The tent is a real tent but big, with a lot of space, with two beds inside, the light, the concrete floor and just attached to the structure, you open a door and you’re in a real toilette with shower with hot water 24 hours a day. Nobody can see you inside, but being an open toilette, be careful when you need to do your job there! So basic ma so functional You have all what you need at a real accessible price and the view…whao! The view from the private terrace is directly on the wildlife of the river, at 30mt from you. AMAZING!

Simple, perfectly integrated with the location. Wood and natural elements lite stones, make you feel comfortable. The people working here are speaking a very good English and the food is excellent! A perfect combination of local food and international dishes satisfy the majority of the guests. Prices I slightly too high, but considering the service, the quality and the location I would say they are really ok.

A small fresh water pool is the ideal to refresh yourself after a day of safari. Water is clean and at the right temperature and the view is directly on the river.
So what a better way to drink your beer watching the elephants walking around or the hippos and the crocs having their bath!
The bar is made with the same principals of the restaurant, so really good.


If you don’t want to spend your nights camping or in a en-suite tent, you could choose the alternative of the cottage.
The are several cottages surrounded by the wild nature, with a nice green grass carpet in front of each house. You can choose the ones facing the river or the other slightly more inside , in a real quiet corner of the camp.


As said before, the place is perfectly integrated in the surrounding environment. The elephants are often just around the camp as well as other wild animal, but no problem at all for the safety. A group of professional guards are taking care of yourself, day and night!
Cleaned and comfortable, the ownership try to keep it always in perfect conditions and I must say, they are doing a real good job!
Really peaceful during the day, you can enjoy your preferred book watching the wildlife around and drinking a good local beer Mosi or a glass of South African wine.
At night, you enjoy the sound of the wild nature in the silence of the camp.
This is the perfect place to rest few days after have travelled all over Zambia or the neighboring countries.
I definitely recommend this place to all the travellers who want to enjoy the beauty of Zambia and the wild life of the South Luangwa National Park.

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