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Vagabondo per il mondo

 / our plan our objectives

This is the Vagabondo’s esprit as the basis of his globe-trotting project: not just the realization of his lifetime dream which, however, would be enough to justify this effort, but also helping other people to achieve their dreams. With this aim the collaboration among Vagabondo and Albergo Etico was born. Along the way that will be developed through 73 nations, Vagabondo will be the Ambassador of Albergo Etico’s project in the world. He’ll meet with associations, foundations, government agencies and parents of people with intellectual disabilities and will speak to them of the “Down-Load Method by Albergo Etico, creating the preconditions for similar projects may arise anywhere in the world! A dream, the tour around the world on a bike, which gives hope to thousands of people!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. Thoreau

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Albergo Etico

 /The Hotel

A Great challenge!

What is Albergo Etico (Ethic Hotel)? Albergo Etico is a real 3 stars hotel located in the heart of Asti, the capital of Monferrato, recently appointed UNESCO Heritage along with Langhe and Roero. The hotel has 21 beautifully restored rooms that can accommodate 60 people and offers all the comforts of a modern hotel with a difference: the people of Albergo Etico-Download Method project! These people, all with intellectual disabilities, will welcome you with a smile and help you during your stay in the city. The top floor of the building is reserved to the Independence Academy where the participants of the project live during the internship period. Here they must learn to manage themselves completely independently, without the help of their families. This experience in the hotel, joined to the stage at the restaurant, allows them to reach a high level of autonomy and exceptional self-esteem, as well as prepare them professionally to carry out tasks in the hospitality.

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 /Hotel etico

A hotel, a school,
a house, The future

The “Albergo Etico" project includes a training program of three years duration at a restaurant and a hotel, where people with intellectual disabilities may evolve personally and socially. An experimental process, active and dynamic, designed to achieve full use of the potential of people with disabilities, creating the conditions so that they can find their own personal reasons for undertaking a journey of personal growth. A place that is also a home, the Independence Academy, where they can live and achieve their own autonomy, being aware of the differences, needs and potential of each person.

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Adopt Vagabondo financing his projet using the bank account IT02F0690610302000000000096

€ 960

Vagabondo per il mondo

 /needs you too!

Offering a symbolic value of 5 € for 12 months will help Vagabondo to achieve the dream of a lifetime! For some of you could seem too much, for others a few... for Vagabondo is ESSENTIAL! This small but important sum of 60 € a year, will allow VAGABONDO to support his living expenses of his journey and to contribute the realization of the whole project.  You can make a bank transfer using the IBAN n° IT02F0690610302000000000096, (SWIFT/BIC BREUITM1) indicating as payment reason "a sandwich for Vagabondo". Remember to write your full name, home address and possibly an e-mail address.

Il Vagabondo who gives hope!

A journey of 150,000 km around the world meeting associations, foundations, government agencies and parents of people with intellectual disabilities, to allow them all the know deeply the concept of Ethic Hotel-Down-Load Method and replicate it in their land. A journey to meet, learn, move and get excited!