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Bravery or insanity?

Willpower or total delirium?
What is it that can take you to drop everything for a challenge like this? I think it is simply the will to live that is inside all of us, but many, including myself until now...

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About me

I am a free spirit, in love with life beyond belief! I love this world and the beauty that can give us and gives us every day...

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Diary shortly …

25 September
 - Bravery or insanity?
11 September
 - About me

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Il Vagabondo who gives hope!

A journey of 150,000 km around the world meeting associations, foundations, government agencies and parents of people with intellectual disabilities, to allow them all the know deeply the concept of Ethic Hotel-Down-Load Method and replicate it in their land. A journey to meet, learn, move and get excited!