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Adopt Vagabondo financing his projet using the bank account IT02F0690610302000000000096

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Behind any major project, there are several people working in the shadows, away from the spotlight of popularity, but without whom nothing would be possible. To all those who are helping me and those who will in the future, I extend my most sincere and affectionate Thanks! Thanks to: • Antonio de Benedetto of Albergo Etico and Download Project • Nadia Dotta of Nadia Design Dotta for the construction of this WEB site and for all the graphic material • Davide Biga with his experience of a World Tour just ended • Moto Club Alfieri di Asti ed Energia & Sorrisi di Vicenza from Asti and Energia & Sorrisi from Vicenza for the positive charge and availability • Paolo Lupis of Atimex for the merchandising • Laura Barbero of Embroidermood for the wonderful promotional ideas • Nicolino D’Alto, Federico Gamba and Maurizio Manca for their friendship and the moral support • My Mother and my Father for what I am • My son Gabriele to be close to me always and anyway • Mrs. Sofia Di Carluccio and Boselli Institute from Turin for the concrete support • Ado Maglajlic of Europe Motorbike Tour for helping me promoting this project • A special thanks to Carla who supports me and encourages me on a daily basis to move forward in this project • Giancarlo Campaner for the physical preparation • Lucio Andreetto by Animated Web for the past co-operations • Walter Bergamasco for the IT support • Gerardo Navazio, Padre Gianmaria Polidoro and all the staff of ASSISI PAX for the trust shown • the Company LAVAZZA and all its operational and managerial staff for the economic support • Ivan Boano by BOANO MOTO for customizing my Honda Africa Twin Daniele by AMPHIBIOUS for the waterproof staff • Cristina and Daniele by MYTECH ACCESSORIES for the aluminum side bags • Roberta e Cristina by CANON ITALIA for video and photo equipment • Giulio and Mattia by FALCO for the customized boots • Riccardo by CLOVER for all the technical cloths • Sabrina by ACCAPI for the technical underwear • Tony by GIALDINI for the technical support • Andrea by PIRELLI-METZELER for supplying me the tyres • all the FMI , starting from mr President Paolo Sesti to Mario Alberto Traverso and Pasquale Parisi for the insurance coverage • Patrizio by INTERPHONE BY CELLULARLINE for the intercom equipment and the action camera DRIFT Ghost S Michael by SHOEI EUROPE for the helmet Hornet DS Scott Parman by AIRHAWK for the cushion AIRHAWKFranco Marcolini by FRAMA for supplying me the TANKERITE • Piermario Galliani by WEMOTO Italy

Il Vagabondo who gives hope!

A journey of 150,000 km around the world meeting associations, foundations, government agencies and parents of people with intellectual disabilities, to allow them all the know deeply the concept of Ethic Hotel-Down-Load Method and replicate it in their land. A journey to meet, learn, move and get excited!