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About me

I am a free spirit, in love with life beyond belief! I love this world and the beauty that can give us and gives us every day...I love meeting new people, speaking different languages, communicating with people having a completely different life from mine, communicating with people living far away from me and from my daily life. I'm tired, sick of the result of this system and I decided to break away, at least for the moment, with everything is related to it. I’m suffering because I believe that to feel good, really good it takes very little. This is not rhetoric, but just an upright realization. We are too much absorbed in our daily grind, “bombarded” from all sides of misleading messages that we do not realize that life goes on with or without us and we can do NOTHING!Personally I do not want to find myself at sixty, seventy years living in regret of undone things, unsaid words!And here the choice: Drop everything and Leave. Living for a longer or shorter period, wandering all over the world, tasting every little fragment, breathing the smells, admiring the colors, living places and people .6 Continents, 73 Countries, 120.000 km a long trip around the world.Not a bike raid for the fun of grinding kilometers. Not one of the many records to beat. Just a trip, I would say THE TRIP!Yes, the trip, which takes away for a short or a long time from your everyday life, which allows you to open your horizons beyond measure, that teaches you the respect for yourself ,for others, for people you ‘ll meet or are waiting for you at home.The journey that teaches you the meaning of life through the chance to live it at 360 degrees, for 24 hours a day, I would add THE JOURNEY OF LIFE!It's a rash initiative, someone will say ....brave, for someone else ....crazy for more of them. Yes, maybe it is a bit of everything, but if I do and if I do now, I'll never tell you for sure if it’s more rush, brave or crazy!

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25 September
 - Bravery or insanity?
11 September
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Il Vagabondo who gives hope!

A journey of 150,000 km around the world meeting associations, foundations, government agencies and parents of people with intellectual disabilities, to allow them all the know deeply the concept of Ethic Hotel-Down-Load Method and replicate it in their land. A journey to meet, learn, move and get excited!